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do you have land with a Planning Permit or potential Planning gain? want to maximise your return? we can offer a Joint Venture partnership, which is suitable for clients that have land with a Planning Permit or potential Planning gain and are looking to extract land value. sometimes, the only way to extract TRUE land value is to build out the development. the method of a JV partnership is gaining popularity. for a landowner, developing within a JV partnership adds additional value, rather than selling the land undeveloped or directly to a developer. in a JV partnership, the landowner enters into an agreement with us, contributing land whilst we finance the build of the project.

we deal with local authorities, planners, professional consultants, sub-contractors, specialists, solicitors, agents and other related professionals daily. if you have a property or land development opportunity and wish to either lead or offer a retained service by joint venturing with us, you have the route to maximise all aspects of the project. by providing the experience of consultants and directors with first hand knowledge and a track record of maximizing opportunity, you have a ready built team at your disposal who are like minded in working within a joint venture partnership.


look. design + build brings to the table an experienced house building and development team that can design and build very efficiently, and to a very high standard.


a full development appraisal will be carried out to ascertain the existing land value, and an agreed price will be formulated for the land prior to any construction.


full Joint Venture agreements will be entered into by both parties.


we will fund the build and once the units are completed and sold, you will receive the agreed land value and an agreed % of the profit from the development.


we have the experience and ability to deliver excellent returns.


if you are an existing landowner and have land with a Planning Permit or potential Planning gain and would like a confidential chat regarding the possibility of a Joint Venture, then we would be happy to hear from you.

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