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for our larger projects we can offer construction management services. in a nut shell, this offers you peace of mind and full transparency as you pay the direct costs of all labour and materials without any added profit margins. and, you also know what our fixed fee is from the outset. construction management ensures that project costs are controlled and the build is time managed professionally and efficiently.





construction management is a procurement route in which the works are constructed by a number of different trade contractors. these trade contractors are contracted to you the client, but managed by us acting as construction manager.


you place a direct contract with each of the trade contractors and utilise our expertise. we act as your consultant to coordinate the contracts and trades. the trade contractors carry out the work and we supervise the construction process and also coordinate the consultant team. we have no contractual links with the trade contractors or members of the consultant team as they are appointed directly by you. our role includes preparation of the programme, determining requirements for site facilities, breaking down the project into suitable works packages, obtaining and evaluating tenders from the trade contractors, co-ordinating and supervising the works.


as we can be appointed early in the design process or are even carrying out the design!, our experience can be used to improve the cost and buildability of proposals as they develop, as well as to advise on trade packaging, the risks of interfaces between packages, and the selection of trade contractors.


appointing us as a construction manager enables some trade packages to be tendered earlier than others, and sometimes, even before the design is completed. for example, piling might commence whilst the detailed design of above ground works continues. further to this, we act as a continuing efficient link between all parties. these factors and others can help shorten the time taken to complete project specific tasks and therefore expedite the overall build programme.


the services provided by a construction manager might include:


- advising on the development of the brief [if appointed at this stage]

- advising on the procurement route

- advising on appointments [such as site inspectors]

- advising on the feasibility, interfaces, buildability, cost and programming of the design

- advising on statutory approvals

- defining key performance indicators for trade contractors

- advising on the need for mock ups, samples, tests and inspections

- acting as the principal contractor, especially for CDM 2015, site set-up and site insurances

- cost planning and cost control

- preparing a construction programme and defining methods of working on site

- identifying potential trade contracts

- tendering trade contracts

- consenting to sub-contracting of work by trade contractors

- arranging for site accommodation, welfare facilities, fences, hoardings, roads and walkways, drainage, power and water supply

- co-ordinating setting out

- arranging labour for certain site activities [such as general site labour or end of build clean]

- managing site inspectors

- co-ordinating the release of information

-managing and co-ordinating trade contracts, including acting as contract administrator, carrying out or co-ordinating inspections, issuing instructions and certificates, etc

- co-ordinating the work of statutory undertakers

- witnessing tests and co-ordinating commissioning

- collating as-built information, building owner's manual, building user's handbook, project handbook, health and safety file, pre-construction information and construction phase plan

- monitoring key performance indicators

- managing the site

- chairing site progress meetings and preparing progress reports for the client


our fee for this service is a fixed fee agreed at the outset. some costs are reimbursable costs, such as site set-up and facilities, statutory fees, day to day site management and so on...


as we are performing a consultancy and management role, our appointment will be on similar terms to the consultant team. we hold all relevant insurances including public liability, contract works and professional indemnity insurance.


offering a fixed fee rather than a OHP % [most traditional main contractors OHP 15 - 20%] ensures that the project does not spiral out of control [unlike with a traditional main contractor not minding as they would be getting a % of the final total build cost including any 'extras'!]. it ensures that project costs are controlled. and, prices are not over inflated by a traditional main contractor to cover risks or to squeeze more money out of you. it also ensures higher quality output and materials with you having direct impact on material choices albeit for quality or value, rather than a traditional main contractor seeking out the cheapest option to maximise their profit. also, if you wish you can have control over the trades that are used, rather than relying on a traditional main contractors selected trades.


as you can see, construction management offers the opportunity for greater control over costs, quality and time line...!




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